Basic Tools Everyone Needs to Maintain Your Home

Maintaining a home is sometimes easier said than done. As a homeowner you want to to keep your home looking and feeling as good as it was when you bought it. Walking up and down the aisles at Lowes or Home Depot can seem overwhelming, and asking for help won’t always get the answers you need. But maintaining your home is quite simple if you’re equipped with the right tools. With this handful of commonly used household tools, you’re sure to be able to tackle any casual wear and tear on your abode.

There are two categories that you would need to consider, indoor tools and outdoor tools.

Outdoor Tools

Every homeowner who is in charge of lawn upkeep should have at minimum a good rake, a sharp pointed shovel, a hoe and small hand tools used for planting flowers. This equipment will allow you to do regular maintenance that will keep your lawn looking tidy.

For the more ambitious lawn-care specialist an extended list would include post hole diggers, hedge trimmers, limb loppers and maybe even a small electric chainsaw. Now these things are necessary for the regular upkeep of your lawn, but they prove to come in handy for bigger jobs.

Indoor Tools

The basic tools you’ll need for jobs around the house seem pretty obvious, a few screw drivers, a hammer and pliers. But the size, shape and brand of these tools is also important. You don’t want to scrimp on your basic tools, because for one they will hopefully go without needing replacing for a while and you’ll be able to tell a difference in the work they produce. For example using high quality paint brushes for latex paint trim and touch-ups will make your painting look professional and will make it easier to paint. Less expensive brushes have a tendency to shed and stick together, which, if you’ve ever experienced while painting, couldn’t be more annoying.

The size and quality of the tools you purchase also matters. We suggest investing in a 16 oz. claw hammer. Its size has come to be pretty universal, because of its ability to conquer almost any task. There are a lot of projects that a 10 oz hammer just can’t accomplish.

As for the other must-have tools, we suggest a Phillips #2 and straight bladed screwdriver and a good pair of Channelock type pliers.

Regular maintenance on your home can seem daunting and having the right tools will make you more confident in your ability to fix the little things around the house. Keeping your house maintained through the years allows you to avoid overhauls in the future. Ignoring the small problems doesn’t make them go away, it makes them worse. So invest in some nice tools now to help your home long term.