What Do You Say If Mike Trout Asks You To Prom?

Seems like the days of walking up to a fellow classmate or that special someone and simply asking them to prom is a thing of the past.  High school students around the nation are finding more and more creative ways to ask one another to prom.

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But how about asking the assistance of another guy?  One which is far more popular… and athletic than you?  Doesn’t sound like a risk most guys would take.  However Tim Moraski, a high school student at Northern Valley Regional High School in Bergen County, NJ did just that… and that other guy happened to be Los Angeles Angles outfielder Mike Trout.

Moraski sent Trout a Tweet asking him to help him as Emily Caracciolo to prom.  Trout’s response, “No problem, bud” and he proceed to send out this Tweet.


Caracciolo responded


I would say that’s taking asking a girl to prom to Major League status!

Enter to Win!

I’m sure you have seen all the tv shows about people who spend a good amount of their time finding, clipping, saving and planning the perfect trip to the grocery to save sometimes incredible amounts through extreme couponing (how do these people not end up on the hoarding shows years later?).  There is a new breed developing however and these people are getting all the great deals but without spending anything but time.

Welcome the Extreme Sweeper!

An extreme sweeper is one who spends countless hours entering every and any corporate sweepstakes.   With the popularity of social media these sweepstakes are becoming more and more popular.  Sweepers are replying, sharing, liking, retweeting, hashtaging anything they can for their chance to win just about anything – most cases the prizes are small, but a wins a win right?

But how lucky can a person get dedicating enough time to this trade to become referred to as a sweeper?  Maybe a free hamburger from McDonalds or cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Dounts, but that’s only if you are really lucky right?

Well for one women on twitter it has won her back-to-back, all-expenses paid trips to the NCAA Final Four! That’s right after Wheat Thins picked up the tab last year, Burger King just announced @letsgolakers086 is heading to basketball tournament as the winner of their “Watch like a King” sweepstakes.  And this prize pack is no joke – first class airline tickets, four nights in a hotel, all transportation, tickets to both semifinals games as well as the championship game and a mere $1600 to spend while there!

While it is hard to believe one person could be so lucky to not only win one of these corporate sweepstakes but two – her lucky has to have ran out right?  Well this isn’t just the second time @letsgolakers086 has been randomly selected to win something.  You can see on her Twitter she has also been selected as a winner by Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s SoCal, Applebee’s, GrubHub, El Pollo Loco, Green Mtn Coffee, Air New Zealand USA, 7 For All Mankind, NEST Fragrances, and EVOL Foods to name a few.

So are you ready to try your luck?  Good news is this has becomes so popular that there are websites and seminars that have actually been set up to help teach potential sweepers the fundamentals as well as a little about odds. Waste of time or potential for some great free stuff? Either way remember you have to enter to win.



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Seeking 20th Term at the Young Age of 93


Feel like you have been at your current place of employment for what seems like your whole life? Well a Florida resident may just have you beat!

93 year old John Land is running to be the mayor of Apopka, Florida – for his 20th term.  Yes, that’s right Land is looking to lead the Orange County city once again and for the first time in over 10 years he will have some competition.

Land first won the position in 1949 after a discharge from the US Army following World War II.  Since then he has only lost in the polls one time.  That fall came in 1967 as residents felt after 18 years Land had served long enough.

His commitment to the city is said to be seen not only in his service and commitment to the city but also to the advancement and growth he has lead to in his short 64 years as leader.  When Land first started as major Apopka he was working with an operating budget of  $31,000 and the small farm town had 2,254 residents. At this time Land was part of the initial paving of city roads and the first sewer system.  Since then the major now works with a $66 million budget and is the second largest city in Orange County after Orlando with 45,000 residents.

On top of the growth Land has been a part of he has also given back to the community in the form of his paycheck each month.  City officials have reported that once the recession hit in 2007 the very next year Land gave up his salary of $153,000 monthly and started working for free.

On April 8th the city of Apopka will have the choice to vote Land back into his position of major for the 20th time or city commissioner Joe Kilsheimer. One of the main issues in this particular election comes with the ban of alcohol sales on Sundays.



Spring Forward – Do you know what time it is?



Do you know what time it is?  Happen to be an hour late to work today?  Well if you did not remember to move your clocks forward one hour early Sunday morning in recognition of daylight savings time you may have been. Yes, yesterday was one of two, which some find controversial, days which we change the time on our clocks by an hour to time to help with… wait why do we do it again?

This practice was formally established in 1966 within the Uniform Time Act in hopes to cut energy consumption.  However even further back in history we saw the concept of changing the time and saving energy. It’s thought Ben Franklin first noticed he was wasting day light in the spring, Germany in World War I adopted the concept to save on coal, and the US made daylight savings time mandatory for the entire country in World War II.  Today however, while it is recognized in most of the United States, the federal government doesn’t require its states or territories to observe the twice a year time change.

That’s right the residents of Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands do not have to worry about their clocks reading the wrong time – they have opted to not use daylight savings time.  There has also been other states who have seriously considered permanently stopping or staying on day light savings time year round – Michael Drowning, author and professor, reports at least 10 and as many as 30 new bills appear in to legislation yearly throughout the states.

Here in Tennessee, Curry Todd, Republican Representative, has sponsored a bill, which has passed out of subcommittees, to keep Tennessee on daylight savings time year round.  While he has been working to get this change put into effect by July 2014, once it was sent to the House State Government Committee in February, no further progress has been heard.

Ok so this doesn’t sound like a big deal but let’s look at this particular case a little closer. While the state of Tennessee is trying to stay on day light savings year round, our neighbor state Kentucky, is trying to pass that they would permanently stay on standard time. Here is the kicker… these two neighboring states, each has two time zones.  Meaning a person who lives in Tennessee and works 5 miles down the road in Kentucky could have the risk of seeing a two hour time difference in that short drive to and from work every day.

Reports go back and forth about whether there are advantages to the changing of time twice a year.  Questions on if it is actually helping in saving energy and if it is helpful or harmful to health are constantly being asked with no clear, constant answer.

Click here to see some other places around the world which did not change their clocks to daylight savings time.


HAPPY – 24 Hours Straight!

Ever get a song stuck in your head?  How about for a straight 24 hours?  Well Pharrell Williams is helping make just that possible!

Pharrell Williams has created the world’s first 24-hour music video to his new single Happy.  Yes, that’s right a whole 24 hours, or 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds of people clapping along because they are HAPPY!

The 24 hours of the song on loop features dozens and dozens of people singing along and dancing in a wide range of places including a church (3 PM), a school bus (5 PM), a grocery store (8 PM), a gas station (12 AM), and more.  Also found throughout the 24 hours of singing are a few celebrities – Jamie Foxx(5:28 PM), Kelly Osbourne (1:28 AM), Jimmy Kimmel(11:48 AM), Magic Johnson (5:36 AM), Steve Carell (5:08 PM) and Miranda Cosgrove (5:42 PM).

OK, so like most people you may not have a spare 24 hours to sit and watch the whole video; don’t worry Pharrell has that figured out too.  Take a look at  This site allows you to watch the video in its entirety or pick what time of day you want to watch.  This site gives viewers the chance to see sunrise to sunset at their own pace.   Even cooler, if you find a time of day you really like you can share the moment on your Facebook or Twitter.

If you still are just looking for normal length video… here you go! BE HAPPY!